Adress: 5, Quai André Lhoest  4180  Hamoir Belgique
Contact :José Philippin   Tél    +32(0)83/633306    Gsm  +32(0)471/565229

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                For your holiday or week-ends at the heart of Wallonia, we invite you to enjoy a charming stay in our holiday cottage ideally situated on the Ourthe’s river banks, a river where, when the weather is fine, you can practice swimming, fishing or Kayaking.

                   This rental holiday house is situated in Hamoir, a pretty village set in the Ardennes along the Ourthe’s valley, at only 12 kilometres away from the small medieval town of Durbuy. Our cottage size house is furnished with great refinement to welcome our guests in the best conditions and assure them a total satisfaction with their choice in booking this accommodation. All the necessary equipment is at your disposal for the preparation of your favourite dishes and the dressing of an elegant table. 2 rooms and a night area are available to accommodate 5 persons in total.
                    You will enjoy the company of numerous mallard ducks, observing them from the south-west oriented terrace, opposite the Ourthe.

                    With this most agreeable holiday house as a starting point, many walk paths will allow you to discover magnificent panoramas, woodlands and small villages along with their small country shops.
Your accommodation in Hamoir on the Ourthe’s river banks.